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      The MCSSIHL is responsible for maintaining the official record of each game played within the confines of League play.  In the past, "League Play" would include all divisional games as well as crossover games.   For example, all Mennen Division teams play each other twice and all Halvorsen Division  also play each other twice.  In addition, all Mennen and Halvorsen teams used to play each other once.  In all, each team in both divisions will have played a total of 13 games.

       Starting with the 2011-12 season, the number of crossover games was reduced to a maximum of three games and no NOT count in the Divisional standings.  Therefore, since only divisional games are used in deciding divisional standing, the official League statistics will be maintained for divisional games only.  The Mennen and Halvorsen divisions have six (6) teams while the Haas division has  nine (9) teams.  The Charette Division has been dropped as of the start of this season.  Since divisional opponents play each other twice, one home and one away, the Mennen and Halvorsen division teams will play a total of  ten (10) League games per season while the Haas Division teams will play eight (16) League games.  Therefore, the official League statistics reflect game stats associated with Divisional games while all other games are defined as "non-League" games.

       Follow the links below to find Official League Statistics for each MCSSIHL Division.

       Mennen Division          Halvorsen Division           Haas Division           Charette Division

Official MCSSIHL League Statistics