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Mennen Cup Champions

1976 -  Chatham Twp
1986 - Delbarton
1996 - Delbarton
2006 - Morristown Beard
2016 - Morristown Beard
1977 -  Chatham Twp
1987 - Delbarton
1997 - Delbarton
2007 - Randolph
2017 - Morristown Beard
1978 - Chatham Twp
1988 - Delbarton
1998 - Delbarton
2008 - Randolph
2018 - Randolph
1979 - Chatham Twp
1989 - Delbarton
1999 - Delbarton
2009 - Morristown Beard
2019 - Madison
1980 - Morristown Beard
1990 - Morris Knolls/Delbarton
2000 - Delbarton
2010 - Morristown Beard
2020 - Morristown Beard
1981 - Chatham Twp
1991 - Delbarton
2001 - Delbarton
2011 - Morristown Beard
1982 - Morristown Beard
1992 - Randolph
2002 - Delbarton
2012 - Morris Knolls
1983 - Morristown Beard
1993 - Delbarton
2003 - Delbarton
2013 - Morris Knolls/Kinnelon
1984 - Delbarton
1994 - Delbarton/Mo Beard
2004 - Delbarton
2014 - Morristown Beard
1985 - Whippany Park
1995 - Delbarton
2005 - Morris Knolls
2015 - Morristown Beard

Mennen Cup

Welcome to the MCSSIHL

Morristown Beard Three-Peats in Mennen Cup Final

      Morristown Beard left winger Isaac Davison scored 3:56 into the game on an assist from Brayden Patricia as the Crimson took their first lead in the Mennen Cup final on Saturday night at Mennen Arena in front of a crowd of 900 screaming fans.  Kinnelon tied it up a few minutes later on a goal by #12, Steve Gakos on an assist by Sean Grant at 6:21 into the first period.  Beard earned the lead for a second time, this time by a goal scored by Brayden Patricia (assiste by Liam Carroll) at 10:34 into the first.   The first period ended with a Beard 2-1 lead.  Kinnelon held an 11-8 advantage in shooting as both teams went into their respective lockers for the first break. 
      After the ice cut, both teams came out hard and physical, with lots of shots, but in the end, there were no goals.  This time, Beard had an 8-6 advantage in shots and still held onto their 2-1 lead.
      After the second ice cut, Kinnelon played hard and created two great scoring opportunities.  Unfortunately for them both were thwarted and eventually Morristown Beard came up with their third goal halfway through the third when Isaac Davison scored his second goal on an assist by Brayden Patricia at 7:43 into the third.  Kinnelon played with desparation the rest of the game until Beard scored their fourth goal at 13:36 of the period on a goal by Brayden Patricia and another assist by Isaac Davison and Sam Schappel.  When the final horn sounded, Beard was once again Mennen Cup Champions - Final score - 4-1 Shots - MB 28 and Kinn 20.  By all accounts, the game was even until the last few minutes.  Both teams played their hearts out and the game was at the level usually expected of the Mennen Cup finalists. 
      With four points each, Brayden Patricia and teammate Isaac Davison both deserve recognition for their contributions to the team victory.   Both teams should represent the MCSSIHL well as they enter the NJ States next week.  Congratulations and good luck to both. 
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Madison - Mennen Cup Champions!!!

    The Mennen Cup Final between #1 Randolph (18-4-2) and #2 Madison (16-3-5) was hard to predict as Randolph defeated Madison 3-0 in an early season matchup while Madison won a hard fought 3-2 victory late in the season.  
     Randolph started the scoring 5:02 into the game when a net crashing Justin Harper put in a rebound off a shot by Evan Xhumba.  Xhumba and Luke Spagnuolo assisted.  Late in the first period, Madison evened up the score at 1-1 when Dave Renzulli scored on a beautiful pass from Jason Seiden at 14:08.
     Although the second period was full of action there was no scoring.  In the third period, however, Dave Renzulli returned the favor of a great cross ice pass as Madison's Jason Siedem scored 3:35 into the 3rd period.  Randolph continued to fight as they hit the post twice in the third without a score. Renzulli guaranteed the Madison victory when he added his second goal, an empty net goal, 13:34 into the period. 
     This is the first Mennen Cup for Madison.  The Mennen Division has three high seeds as A-Division Morris Knolls/Hills (#2), B-Division Randolph (#1),  and C-Division Madison(#2) enter the states this week.  GOOD LUCK TO ALL THREE TEAMS IN THE STATES!!.

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